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Prioritising Self-care and Mental Health Amidst the Health Crisis

During the current pandemic, there has been a rise in mental health concerns across the country. We've also seen an increase in the number of people seeking support. Ms Neha Kirpal, co-founder of InnerHour, sheds more light on this, while Dr Amit Malik, co-founder, CEO of InnerHour, shares self-care strategies we can all follow.

Need for Mental Health Support During the Pandemic

Dr. Amit Malik, co-founder of InnerHour, talks on NDTV's Good Morning India about mental health concerns being on the rise amidst the pandemic - and also notes that people are acknowledging the need for support by seeking out therapy at this time.

NDTV's We the People Opens up Conversations About Mental Health

Neha Kirpal (co-founder of InnerHour) and Dr. Shekhar Saxena (Former Director, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, WHO) discuss the importance of mental health amidst the current pandemic, from a personal and professional lens.

Accepting Negative Emotions

Are negative emotions bad? While your instinctive answer might be yes, we have another perspective to offer. Learning to accept and manage negative emotions can pave the way for a happier life. Check out this video to know how you can learn this skill!

Helping Your Teen Manage Peer Pressure

Are you worried about the impact that peer pressure might have on your teen? Check out our video to see how you can help your teenager resist peer pressure while also helping them build healthy self-esteem and strong relationships.

Real People, Real Stories with Kunal Kapoor, Neha Kirpal & Ritu Bhatia

Mental health conversation series, Real People, Real Stories, is an open dialogue on mental health enriched with stories of experience, strength and hope. In this session, Kunal Kapoor, actor and social entrepreneur, speaks to InnerHour's co-founder and mental health ambassador, Neha Kirpal, along with screenwriter Ritu Bhatia about mental health concerns like depression and their experiences of growing up with family members struggling with mental illness. They discuss the importance of mental health, the stigma faced by those who suffer, as well as treatment options. Through these conversations, the endeavour is to help people make their mental health a priority, while also providing hope to those who are struggling today. #MyMindMatters #RealPeopleRealStories

Social Media and Mental Health

Can you imagine a life without social media? Some studies estimate that the average person spends 135 minutes each day on social media platforms. This leads us to ask - how does social media use impact mental health? Watch this video to learn more.

Cultivating Friendship

The key to a happier life is having strong, meaningful friendships that last a lifetime. Don’t you agree? Watch our video to learn about the different things you can do to nurture the friendships in your life.

Lethargy Cycle

When people feel low or depressed, they may experience fatigue and tiredness. This can stop them from engaging in activities and can create a sense of lethargy that is hard to break out of. If you have ever felt this way, know that you are not alone. Here's what you can do to break the vicious Lethargy Cycle.

Coping with Abuse

Being in an abusive relationship can cause a lot of trauma. While it's not easy to stay in such a relationship, it may also not be easy to leave. Watch our video to learn how you can cope with abuse in a relationship.

Technology & Sleep

Do you use your phone just before you go to sleep? Using technology before bed can make it difficult for you to fall asleep and can even disrupt sleep quality. Watch this video to learn how to take control of your tech time in order to sleep better.

Cultivating Emotional Well-Being and Supporting the Mental Health Needs of Educators, Students and Communities

"Neha Kirpal, co-founder of InnerHour, Nishit Jain, Vice President - Strategies and Operations at InnerHour, and Pratishtha Trivedi Mirza, Senior Consultant Therapist at InnerHour discuss mental health concerns experienced by students, teachers, parents and professionals during these difficult times. They talked about the increase in prevalence of mental health concerns in the youth and the growing need for mental health resources in the education sector. They also discussed the need to incorporate long-term self-help strategies into our lives and shared strategies to make the transition to virtual schooling easier, some of which include being more self-compassionate, becoming mindful of one's basic needs, setting boundaries, developing support systems, and keeping communication open between students, educators and parents. #MyMindMatters "

Signs of Health Anxiety

Health anxiety is an intense fear of contracting a disease or illness. If not addressed in time, it can interfere with your ability to function in daily life. Watch today’s video to identify and better understand the different signs of health anxiety, so you can take action to keep them in check.

Mind Business with InnerHour: Mental Health & Entrepreneurship 101

In their recent Live with The Common Room, Dr. Amit Malik and Neha Kirpal discussed their entrepreneurial journeys and mental health experiences. They also responded to some very pertinent questions. #MyMindMatters

Is It Okay to Feel Angry?

While anger is considered to be an unhealthy or unhelpful emotion, the truth is that it's important for our survival. The key is to manage this emotion instead of ignoring or suppressing it. Awareness is crucial - so take a look at our video to understand the emotion of anger better.

InnerHour for Youth Mental Health #MyMindMatters

The young Indian workforce is currently navigating many challenges as they adjust to the new normal. They are adapting to remote working, facing health and financial anxieties, caring for elders and children - all while trying to stay positive and resilient. Four founders - Aditya Ghosh, board member of OYO - Hotel & Homes and founder of Homage Foundation, Umang Bedi, co-founder of Dailyhunt and Dr Amit Malik and Neha Kirpal, co-founders of InnerHour - talk about how to emotionally navigate these uncertain times.

Building Healthy Self-Esteem

Your self-esteem can influence how you feel about yourself and the way you interact with the world. Building healthy self-esteem can help you deal more effectively with successes and setbacks in life. Watch our video to learn simple strategies to feel good about yourself.

The Psychology of Fake News

What makes fake news spread so rapidly? Can anything be done to avoid falling for it? Watch our video and get expert insights on this matter!

Letting Go of Perfectionism

Do you set unrealistic standards for yourself? And do you often experience feelings of anxiety, stress or even depression when you're unable to attain these standards? Perfectionism can be harmful for your mental health. Check out our video to learn about the different steps you can take to let go of perfectionism.

Is it time to see a therapist?

When we go through a difficult time, we may look to others for support. Sometimes, leaning on your friends and family may not be enough - and in these cases, talking to a therapist can help. Watch our video to know how you can tell if it's time for you to seek professional help.

Relaxation Strategies for Better Sleep

Do you struggle to fall asleep at night? Are negative thoughts getting in the way of sleep? Watch our video to learn about the different relaxation techniques you can engage in to enhance the quality of your sleep.

Coping With A Breakup

Breaks ups are always hard on us - but there are certain things you can do to cope with the pain and build even better relationships in the future. Check out our video for more.

How to Reduce Overthinking

Do you find yourself trapped in a spiral of thoughts? Is it hard for you to focus on the present? Overthinking can have adverse effects on your emotional and mental health. Watch our video to get simple tips to let go of overthinking.

Bouncing Back From Burnout

Excessive stress can lead to complete mental and physical exhaustion - which is a state of burnout. If you’re struggling to deal with burnout, watch our video to learn about the different ways in which you can reduce your fatigue and recover quickly.

Is Therapy Different From Talking To A Friend?

While a friend can help you get through difficulties in life, at times we might benefit more from professional support. Watch our video to learn why talking to a therapist is different from talking to a friend.

Making Long Distance Relationships Work

As the lockdown continues, you and your partner may have been unable to meet and spend time together. This might even start to take a toll on your relationship! Watch our video to learn what you can do to keep the spark alive and feel closer to your partner.

Managing Chronic Worry

We all experience worry from time to time. But when worry becomes excessive, it can disrupt your functioning in daily life. If intense worry is something you struggle with, watch our video to learn about the different things you can do to better manage it.

Parenting During a Health Crisis

Being a parent is hard work - but it is especially difficult amidst the ongoing health crisis. Keeping your needs in mind, we've put together this video to help you understand how you can take care of your kids while also finding time for yourself.

How to Let Go

Letting go is hard - but sometimes, holding on can be a lot worse. If you're struggling to let go of the past, this video will shed some light on the different things you can do to move forward and create a more positive future.

Building Emotional Intimacy

Do you feel emotionally disconnected from your partner? Do you want to bring back the spark in your relationship? Well, this video might help you. With our simple tips and strategies, you can start building (or re-building) emotional intimacy in your relationship.

Things Not to Say to Someone in Distress

When a loved one is going through difficulties, we might want to do all that we can to help. But at times, inspite of having good intentions, we might say or do things that may make them feel worse. In today's video, learn about how you can comfort someone who is in a state of distress.

Questions to Ask Your Therapist

The decision to go for therapy can be a difficult one to make. But if done right, therapy can be very rewarding for your well-being. Watch our video to learn about the different questions you can ask your therapist to make the most of your experience.

Coping with Uncertainty

The world today is filled with uncertainty, and this can take a toll on your emotional and physical state. Watch our video to learn about the different things you can do to accept and better manage this uncertain situation.

Signs of Anxiety

During this health crisis, all of us are living through a period of uncertainty, and many of us might find ourselves feeling anxious and afraid. Know that you are not alone and that anxiety can be dealt with if identified early on. Watch this video to better understand the signs of anxiety. Stay informed, stay healthy, stay safe.

Why You Need To Rest

As we try to cope with this difficult time, we may distract ourselves or keep ourselves busy. But not getting enough rest can make things worse for us! Here's why it's important to set aside time to allow our body and mind to rest. #MyMindMatters

Developing Social Support

Due to the ongoing lockdown and social distancing norms, all of us are struggling to maintain our relationships. However, social support is important for our mental health. Here are some tips that can help you feel connected.

Using Technology Effectively

Given that we're all working from home at present, it's easy to develop an unhealthy relationship with technology. This video will shed some light on the different things you can to use technology without letting it take over your life.

Helping Someone Through Trying Times

Do you know someone who is going through a hard time? Watch our video and learn about the different things you can do to support them.

The Importance of Gratitude

Amidst the chaos, it can be hard to find anything to feel grateful for. But the fact of the matter is that gratitude is needed more now than ever. Watch out video to learn a little more about why gratitude matters!

Signs of Depression

Depression is not a sign of weakness. It is a real mental health condition that can be treated with the right kind of support in place. Watch our video to identify the different signs of depression so you can take action to deal with it.

Staying Connected while Working Remotely

The recent transition to working from home can feel overwhelming at times. Here are some strategies that you can use to improve communication and efficiency while working remotely.

Supporting Your Elders Amidst a Crisis

With the elderly being most vulnerable to the virus, it's important to take special care of their needs. Watch our video to learn about how you can effectively support the elderly during this time.

Designing Happiness

Designing a happier life is a lot easier than you may think! Check out this video and learn about the different things you can do to cultivate happiness in your life.

Improving Communication to Strengthen Relationships

The key to a strong and secure relationship is open communication. This video will give you some strategies to improve your communication with your partner.

How to Spend Your Time in a Lockdown

From strengthening your relationship with loved ones to engaging in your hobbies, watch our video to learn about the different things you can do to make the most of this lockdown.

Managing Your Anxiety During A Crisis

It’s understandable to feel anxious during this uncertain time. This video explains how anxiety affects you and try out some of our strategies to keep your anxiety at bay.

Emotional Difficulty in Children

Need help with supporting your child amidst the pandemic? This video will help you identify the signs of emotional difficulty in children and offer some tips that can help you take action to make your children feel better.

Improving Your Self-Esteem

It’s never too late to work on building healthy self-esteem. Try out these simple strategies to let go of unhealthy beliefs and become the best version of yourself.

Finding Hope Amidst a Health Crisis

Having hope can help you stay positive and better deal with the ongoing pandemic. Here's what we think can help you cultivate hope in such a difficult time.

Help Yourself Sleep Better at Night

The ongoing health crisis may have taken a toll on your mood as well as sleep quality. Here are some strategies you can use to help yourself get a good night's sleep.

How to Talk to Your Children Amidst the Health Crisis

Due to the current pandemic, children are now at home and a lot of parents are struggling to keep them occupied. Take a look at our tips on how to help your child cope with this situation.

How to Boost Productivity During WFH

Amidst the global health crisis, many of us are now working from home. Take a look at some different things that you can do to stay productive and motivated at this time.

What You Can Do to Overcome Loneliness

With social distancing and lockdowns becoming the new norm around the world, more and more people are feeling lonely. Here are some tips on how you can deal with loneliness.

Beating Boredom

The current health crisis has caused many of us to feel bored, unmotivated and lethargic. Here's what we know can keep the boredom at bay amidst the lockdown.

Mental health and the Need for Social Support

Ms. Neha Kirpal, co-founder of InnerHour, talks about her lived experience and highlights the importance of social support for everyone going through a difficult time.

Managing Anxiety During a Health Crisis

The ongoing health crisis has left many of us feeling anxious and distressed. Dr. Amit Malik, co-founder of mental health platform, InnerHour, explains how we can identify signs of anxiety and also shares simple strategies that we can use to cope.

These are difficult times and InnerHour is here for you. If you are looking for any kind of mental health support - for yourself, your loved ones, or your workplace - don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're available on +912071171501 and