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Personalised Plan

Engage in simple activities to learn skills to feel better.

How It Works in Therapy

When you see a therapist, they will try and assess how you are doing and create a plan for your recovery. As part of this plan, the therapist will teach you critical skills to manage your thoughts, emotions and behaviours - and ultimately overcome your difficulty.

How It Works on the App

  1. The app gives you the option to work on your area of concern by choosing a programme that is relevant to you.
  2. A small assessment will help us understand your needs at the moment and enables us to build a personalised plan for you.
  3. Each day, we will give you simple self-help activities that are designed to teach you crucial skills to work on your area of concern.
  4. Through regular re-assessments, we will update your plan so that you can fast track your progress and live a happier life.

Self-Care Goals

Set and track goals to build a healthier lifestyle.

How It Works in Therapy

Without goals, there is no direction. In therapy too, it is as important to practise skills as it is to learn them. A professional would support you to set and track goals so you can make changes in your lifestyle and form healthy habits.

How It Works on the App

  1. The app recommends you to set goals that will help you develop healthy thoughts and behaviours.
  2. Our easy tracking mechanism will encourage you to consistently achieve your goals and successfully form habits.
  3. We will also send you regular reminders so you can keep making progress on your journey to feeling better.
  4. To ensure that you don't get overwhelmed, the app lets you add or remove goals as per your own convenience.

Recommended Activities

Unwind and energise yourself with our handpicked activities.

How It Works in Therapy

In therapy, one of the first things a therapist will focus on is to bring your physical and emotional energy levels up to a certain level. This increases your drive and ability to work on the difficulty you are facing. A bunch of relaxation and physical exercises are typically used for this purpose.

How It Works on the App

  1. The app offers a collection of activities on the Home screen that you can engage in anytime, anywhere.
  2. We offer guided meditation and mindfulness audios that will help you get a quick mental break and feel relaxed.
  3. We also offer a range of simple physical exercises with tips to easily integrate these exercises in your busy life.
  4. You can also set reminders for your activities so you practise these activities regularly.

Insightful Tracker

Use our psychological diary to get insights over time.

How It Works in Therapy

To help you build awareness, a therapist will ask you to use a diary to record your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Research shows that tracking your mood on a daily basis allows you to understand patterns and triggers related to your mood.

How It Works on the App

  1. The app offers a tracker on the Home screen that is specialised to the area of concern you are working on.
  2. You can not only log how you are doing each day, but also make note of behaviours and activities that you have engaged in.
  3. The more you use the tracker, the finer the insights will be - over time, you will be able to understand patterns and identify what needs to change to feel better.

InnerHour Resources

Keep learning and growing on your journey with curated content.

How It Works in Therapy

An important part of therapy is psychoeducation. This means developing a better understanding of what you are feeling and why. Through psychoeducation, a therapist would also tell you about similar struggles faced by others and strategies that typically work.

How It Works on the App

  1. The InnerHour Resources on the Home screen offers a pool of content that gets updated on a regular basis.
  2. You can read articles that will help you learn more about the area of concern that you are working on.
  3. We also offer tips and motivating quotes in the hope of keeping you engaged on your journey.

Relief Chatbot

Talk to Allie to get immediate relief when things pile up.

How It Works in Therapy

Providing intervention in times of emotional crises (for example, when you experience panic or despair) is a crucial part of therapy. While a therapist focusses on teaching skills to manage your difficulty, they also equip you with tools to use when things pile up.

How It Works on the App

  1. Through the Relief Bot in the app, you can talk to our intelligent chatbot Allie whenever you feel you need urgent support.
  2. Allie tries to understand how you are feeling and gives you the space to express your needs.
  3. Allie will also suggest science-backed activities and will coach you through them, so you can try them immediately to find some relief.

Therapist Support

Get one-on-one support from a professional therapist.

Why You Might Need This

Sometimes, you may face a problem you cannot handle alone. In such cases, speaking to a therapist can help. A good therapist can help you overcome problems, form better relationships, make better decisions, reach your goals, and establish healthier habits.

Try It on the App

  1. While the app offers a range of self-help tools we've talked about before, we also offer the option to talk to a therapist.
  2. You can choose a therapist from our list of qualified professionals and book a session over call, video or chat.
  3. Through the app itself, you can access 100% confidential therapy delivered through a safe and secure platform.

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