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About InnerHour

Are you an EAP?

While our typical offerings include the standard elements of an EAP such as counselling, expert sessions, etc, we go beyond that to ensure more people use and benefit from our offerings. We ensure the organisation has an understanding of wellness indicator levels across functions, locations, etc. Our offering has 12-18% utilisation rate as compared to standard EAP rates which vary between 2-5%. This reinforces our commitment to drive engagement and productivity at the workplace by enhancing employees' emotional health.

Do you also provide services around nutrition, physical wellness, financial wellness etc?

InnerHour works on psychological and emotional wellbeing. However, we understand the need for a holistic solution and we have vetted and partnered with service providers for nutrition, physical wellness, financial wellness, etc.

Do you conduct yoga and meditation sessions as part of your programme?

Our work is based on principles of CBT, positive psychology and mindfulness. Mindfulness- based interventions may include meditation. However, we use an eclectic approach and believe in continuous engagement rather than standalone sessions.

What is the corporate program offered by InnerHour?

Our employee wellness programme is cutomised based on the unique needs of every organisation. We conduct in-depth surveys to assess emotional wellness at the organisational level. We provide employees with access to the InnerHour wellness app which helps them learn tools to deal with emotional difficulties. We also connect them to qualified therapists to provide them with professional support. We come up with action plans including workshops, webinars and seminars best suitable for your organisation.

My company has associated with InnerHour for the corporate well-being program. How does this help me?

If your company has associated with InnerHour you get a lot of benefits. You can download our app and begin to develop healthier habbits for a happier life. You are also entitled to speak to a therapist regarding any emotional difficulties you are facing. Our organisation may also be conducting workshops, webinars or coaching programmes for employees of your company. You can also take advantage of any other benefits specifically stated by your company.

Can I talk about my work problems to a therapist without my boss finding out what I'm saying?

All converations with therapists remain completely confidential.

How does the corporate program help me as an employer?

We all have come across terms such as depression and anxiety, however we may not understand what it is or how common it is. One in 5 people deal with depression, and 3.5% of the global population battle anxiety every day. This can cost a company upto $500 billion a year.

How can I benefit from the InnerHour corporate program as an employee?

If your company has associated with InnerHour you get a lot of benefits. You can download our app and begin to develop healthier habbits for a happier life. You are also entitled to speak to a therapist regarding any emotional difficulties you are facing. Our organisation may also be conducting workshops, webinars or coaching programmes for employees of your company. You can also take advantage of any other benefits specifically stated by your company. Our programme can also help increase your productivity, and improve your wellbeing.

How can I track the progress of my employees?

You will receive real-time data at an aggregate level, however, no information regarding what is discussed during therapy session will be divulged. Wellness metrics for the entire company including detailed emotional insights will be provided on the employer dashboard.

When can I start seeing results in my employees?

Employers have stated noticing improvements in employee productivity within the first 4 weeks.

Who can employers and employees contact in case of any issues?

In case of any problems or queries, you can contact us on our support helpline +91 9820230563 and we will try to resolve the issue at the earliest.

What happens to new employees who join the organisation after the corporate program has already begun?

Our records are updates on a monthly basis. Further, any new additions can be communicated to us directly, and can be a part of the onboarding process.


What theoretical base is your approach built on?

Our work is based on the principles of CBT, mindfulness and positive psychology. These approaches are known to help deal with difficult situations, increase productivity and happiness and helps one find meaning or purpose in life. Our programme is also based on latest research in the field of employee engagement and productivity.

How many therapists do you have? Is that enough? YourDost has 3000 therapists, 1to1 has 300

We have 6 in-house therapists, who have been trained in special InnerHour protocols and we have ensured they are able to deliver therapy online effectively. We also have a network of therapists across India and have a rigorous enrolment process to ensure our clients requirements are met.

Do you offer 24*7 services? Most EAP companies offer that

No, we do not offer 24*7 therpay services, however our app has a relief chatbot available at any time. If you believe the employees in your organisation needs more intensive service, we may need to revise the commercials accordingly.

Where all in India do you offer offline services (therapy)?

We offer our services in 60 cities across India including Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.

Which languages do you offer therapy in?

We have qualified and trained therapists who are well versed in a large number of languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, French, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.

Workshop formats

How long is a workshop?

Our workshops typically last for an hour and a half.

How long is a webinar?

Our webinars typically last for an hour.

Do people open up in a workshop or webinar?

This depends on the composition and dynamics of the group, as well as the topic being discussed. We do our best to ensure people do not feel exposed.

Can people ask questions anonymuosly during a webinar?

You are free to select your own user name during a webinar. If you are uncomfortable sharing your name, you do not have to. You can ask questions anonymously and even post comments using a pseudonym.

Are webinars live or recorded?

Our webinars are conducted live and meant to be interactive in nature. However, these are recorded for further viewings, if needed.

Is a webinar as effective as a workshop?

Both workshops and webinars are effective. We recommend workshops for smaller groups where we can incorporate different activities based on your organisation's requirement. A webinar is more suitable for large groups, across different regions at the same time, and offers anonymity and convenience to the individuality.

Workshop Content

What are some custom workshops you have done?

We have conducted custom workshops in the past based on our client needs including, but not limited to, focussing on mothers returning to work, grief counselling, sleep management, etc.

Do you do any specialised interventions?

We have specialised interventions during crisis situations as well as grief debriefing.


Everyone has an app now - in fact there are too many - how many people actually use the app on a regular basis?

Our programme is very holistic and we communicate with individuals via emails, seminars, workshops as well as the app. While our app is unique and different, our constant communication with individuals makes sure the focus on emotional wellness stays relevant in their minds.

Is your app available in other languages?

Currently, our app is only available in english.

How many courses can I do at one point?

You can work on more than one program at a time if they are causing you discomfort, however, it is recommended that you complete one programme before begining a new one.

What happens after 28 days?

After you have completed a 28 day plan, we expect you to practice the behaviours and skills that you have learnt and continue tracking your mood and goals. We also encourage you to try a new programme based on your latest assessment.

How effective is self-tracking moods? How do you know it's accurate?

Individuals tend to be more honest in tracking as it is a tech interface and they are likely to feel judged.

If the app is free why should I pay?

Our programme offers several features other than the app which are paid for. While the app is free currently, we plan on introducing new paid courses on resilience and communication in the future. However, this will remain free for our corporate users.


Why should I choose InnerHour over other service providers?

Globally we know that utilisation for an EAP plateaus at 2-5%. A Deloitte reasearch paper shows that RoI moves from .4 to 9.1 when the solution is programmatic in nature. Our current users show utilisation rates of 10-15%. Also, we give you, the employer, a dashboard which provides objective metrics for indicators for the organisation as a whole on a real-time basis. This allows you to decide if there are any changes you want to introduce at an organisation level, for us to customise our topics in webinars etc instead of running a template and measure progress over time.

Does talking about stress not induce more stress?

Research has shown that talking about stress can help people confront something they have been trying to evade and work towards dealing with it.

I'm not very sure how many people will ultimately use it, so can I start small?

If you are unsure of your employees reaction to the programme, we can begin with a pilot. However, for the outcomes to be meaningful, we recommend a sizeable portion of employees from different locations, teams and other identifiers to allow richness of data. The pricing will differ from the rates being discussed for the overall programme.

We already have an app for our organisation. Can your app be integrated into it?

While it is possible, the details will need to be worked out between our tech teams.

We are already using an Employee Assistance Programme - will it be possible to integrate the other elements of your service with that?

We are happy to provide whichever elements of our service are relevant to your organisation. However, an integration may be difficult since the other service provider is likely to consider us a rival.

Can we provide on-ground services at XYZ remote location factories?

The InnerHour network is spread across 60 cities all over India. Fill in the form or reach out to us on +91 9820230563 and let us know your exact requirements. We can then confirm our ability to extend our services to your location.

Do you extend this service to employee dependents as well?

Our employee programme covers 3 dependents. However, we are able to modify this depending on your company or individual requirements.

These are difficult times and InnerHour is here for you. If you are looking for any kind of mental health support - for yourself, your loved ones, or your workplace - don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're available on +912071171501 and