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About InnerHour

What is InnerHour?

InnerHour is digital self help tool which uses technology as a platform to help people achieve emotional and psychological well-being. We have created an app which provides you with a digitised experience of therapy. We also provide comprehensive counseling and therapy services, employee wellness programmes, and school wellness programmes.

What is the InnerHour app?

The InnerHour app is an all-in-one guide created by mental health professionals. It is a self help tool, which provides you with a digital experience of therapy. It gives you access to emotional support via customised programmes. These programmes will empower you with tools and skills to overcome emotional difficulties.

Who can use the app?

The app can be used by anyone over the age of 18 who would like to live a happier and healthier life. The app has specific programmes to help you with worry, stress, sleeplessness, depression, anger and happiness. You can also access a therapist through the app. However, we do not deal with severe mental health conditions such as schizophrenia or psychotic conditions. We also do not provide emergency care for people dealing with self harm and suicidal thoughts and reccommend you to reach out to a nearby hospital or suicide prevention helpline for help.


What is the science behind the app?

The app is developed by a team of mental health professionals. It is based on different schools of psychology such as CBT, positive psychology and Mindfulness.

How can this app help me?

The app uses various principles of psychology to empower you with tools and skills to manage your day to day problems, and gives you access to resources to live a happier life

How does the 28 day programme work?

A quick assessment will evaluate how you are doing and create a personalised 28 day plan for you. Your plan will give you a new activity everyday and regularly reassess your progress. Over the course of 28 days the app will help you develop positive thinking, coping skills, mindfulness and start you on your path to a happier life,

Why should I use the app if I am feeling fine?

While you may feel fine, we could all use a little more happiness in our lives. The app can be used by anyone who wants to work on their emotional wellness and is interested in learning strategies to cope with their everyday problems.

Why is each programme for 28 days?

The 28 day plan teaches you new coping skills and strategies. It also inculcates positivity, mindfulness and self care within you. 28 days is considered as an ideal amount of time to help you turn these new skills and behaviours into a habit.

What languages is the app available in?

The app is currently available only in english. We plan on launching the app in other languages soon.

Is it free?

Currently, our programmes and all the self help tools offered on the app are free. If you wish to speak to a therapist for professional support you need to pay a fee for each session. The starting charges for an hourly session are Rs. 650 for Indian users or USD 35 for international users.

Does the app have a web version as well?

Currently, we only have the app, however, we plan on building a web version soon.

Do I have to sign up to use the app?

Yes, you need to sign up om the app so that you can regularly use use the app and keep track of your progress as you continue your 28- day plan.

Can I use the app on my tablet?

No, currently the app can only be used on mobile phones.

App Features

What are the different things I can do on the app?

The InnerHour app gives you access to courses involving a 28 day plan with simple activities to help you feel better. It also allows you to track your mood and your daily goals and tasks and gives you access to evidence based resources to improve your mental health. You can also chat with Allie, a relief chatbot or get in touch with a therapist using the app.

What programmes can I use on the app?

The InnerHour app allows you to chose between 6 different courses- Living Happier, Sleeping Better, Mood Management, Anger Management, Worry Management and Stress Management. Each programme has a 28 day personalised plan for you.

Can I use more than one programme on the app?

You can work on more than one programme at a time if you feel the need. However, we would recommend you to complete one programme entirely before beginning a new one.

How long should I use the app?

Each programme on the app has a 28-day plan for you to follow. You can continue using the app after your plan, switch to a new programme, use the app to track your mood and your goals, to chat with Allie or get in touch with a therapist, or to practice the strategies that you have learnt during your plan.

What are daily tasks?

Daily tasks are specific activities for the given day. They are personalised for you based on the questions you answer at the beginning of your 28 day plan.

Who has built the assessment?

The assessment tools have been developed by psychologists and psychiatrists who have researched existing psychometric tools.

Is the assessment scientific?/Can I trust the result?

Yes, the assessment is based on scientific research and validated scales.

I don't agree with the result of my assessment. What do I do?

The result is based on responses that you provide to the questions which are then compared to scoring categories using an algorithm. You can wait for a while and give the assessment again, if you feel the results are inaccurate. If you feel the result has misrepresented how you are currently doing, we are very sorry. Please reach out to and we will look into it.

What are the things I can track?

You can use the app to track your mood, your daily goals and your happiness tasks.

How often can I/should I use the tracker?

The tracker should be used daily, however, it is ok if you miss a couple of days.

What are happiness tasks?

Happiness tasks are activities that help you think and behave mor positively. When done consistently over a period of time, these tasks can help you build resilience and become a happier person.

What are Happiness Points and how do they help me?

You can collect happiness points by completing various activities on the app.

What is the diffference between my thought goals and my behaviour goals?

Your thought goals are ways for you to confront negative thinking patterns and behaviour goals are activities that you would do in a day to help your to boost your productivity or mood.

What is the Relief Bot?

Our relief bot, Allie, is an intelligent chatbot which can provide you easy to do activities which are scientifically proven to help you find relief in a distressing situation.

Who is Allie?

Allie is our innovative, relief chatbot who can help you manage your emotions when they feel overwhelming.

Is Allie a therapist?

Allie is an intelligent chatbot,created with inputs from therapists,nd designed to provide you with immediate relief. However, Allie is not a therapist and can not replace a therapist. If you do feel the need to speak to a therapist, you can book a session through the app.

Can I use this app in case of an emergency, such as if I am having suicidal tendencies.

If you are in a crisis situation or going through an emergency, we recommend you to reach out to an emergency helpine or visit the nearest hospital.

What are the features of the app which are not found on the website

The app provides you with a 28 day wellness program to live a happier life. It also gives you a list of recommended activities, allows you to track your mood and your goals and gives you access to Allie, our relief chatbot.

What is the difference between chatting with a therapist and chatting with Allie?

Allie is a chat bot and cannot replace the experience you have while speaking to a therapist. Allie is created using the inputs from therapists and is trained by our in- house team of therapists. If you feel chatting with Allie is not helping you, you can use the app to schedule a session with a therapist.


What information do you collect from me?

We passively collect information such as browser version, IP address, Operating System, time zone alone with other details provided by you.

What do you do with my information?

We use this information to classify users for analytics of app/ website usage.

Can I use the app anonymously?

You can use the app anonymously, and we encourage you to provide us with a nickname if you are uncomfortable with giving us your real name.

Is my data secure?

We understand how important your privacy is to you and we take all measures to maintain it. All the data we collect from you is stored on a secure server on cloud and has state of the art infrastructure to protect from unauthorised access.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored on our cloud servers which are safeguarded by state of the art firewalls.

Who gets access to my data?

Your data is secure on our servers and can only be accessed by the InnerHour team to develop a better understanding of you and provide you with more relevant services and reccomendations.

What if I want to erase my data from your system?

You can place a request to and get all the data wipeed from our system.

Can InnerHour access information from my mobile?

No, we do not access any information from your mobile phone without your consent.

Technical Issues

I am unable to sign in even though I have given all my information. What should I do?

You may be facing this issue due to a network issue or poor internet connection. If it fails even after trying different networks, try to reinstall the application.

Every time I open the app it ends up crashing. What should I do?

Please reinstall the application. If the issues persists, contact

Why am I unable to see my goals?

If you are unable to see goals, it may be because you have not set any goals yet. The goals you wish to pursue are unique to you and we do not provide you with pre determined goals. You will need to set your own goals and track them every day. If you have set goals and are unable to view or track them, contact

I am unable to signup with my email. What can I do?

This could happen because you already have an account with the same email ID or due to a weak internet connection. You can try resetting your password or logging in with the password you remember.

Can I reset my progress?

Yes, you can reset your progress by going to your settings screen and reset data for a specific programme.

I am not receiving notifications. What do I do?

If you are not receiving notifications from InnerHour it could be because they are in the battery optimisation list in your settings. You can remove InnerHour from the list. If you still do not get notifications, contact

Can I use the app from more than one device?

Yes, you can use the app on as many devices as you wish. However, the app cannot be used on a tablet.

What version of the app am I using?

You can find out which version of the app you are using by going to the Play Store page of the app and scroll to the bottom of the description.

Am I on the latest version of the app?

If you have selected the auto- update setting, then the app will be updated everytime a new version releases. Alternatively, you can check if you have any updates prompted on the Play Store and update the app.

Audio is not playing

You may face this issue due to network issues or lack of high speed internet connection. If the issue still persists after being connected to a fast internet connection, please write to us at

These are difficult times and InnerHour is here for you. If you are looking for any kind of mental health support - for yourself, your loved ones, or your workplace - don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're available on +912071171501 and