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What is InnerHour?

‘InnerHour’ is an online platform for emotional and psychological well-being. At InnerHour, we offer comprehensive online counselling and therapy, provide valuable information on psychological wellness, and work with organisations to meet similar goals. We offer one-on-one sessions via phone, online chat and video consultation with our expert team of counsellors, psychologists and cognitive-behaviour and rational-emotive behaviour therapists.

Do I have to sign up to use the website?
How do I sign up at the InnerHour website?
Is there an age limit to use the InnerHour's services?
I would like to work with InnerHour. Who do I get in touch with?


What are the different communication media over which therapy is offered at InnerHour?
What is online therapy?
How is the InnerHour session different from a Skype call with friends and family?
Is online therapy safe?
How effective is online therapy?
What sort of issues are handled at InnerHour?
Are there some issues you do not handle at InnerHour?
How long does a session last?
Can my issues be solved in one session?
How long does therapy last?
How frequently do I have to take my sessions?
How do I choose my therapist?
Can I change my expert during the course of my therapy?
What if I am not satisfied with my therapist?
If I have a small query that I want clarified by my therapist, can I do that without booking a session?
Can I reach out to my therapist in case of an emergency?
Can I meet my therapist in person for a face to face session?
How do I end therapy?


What are these assessments?
Do I have to pay for these assessments?
Is it mandatory to take these assessments?
Are these results shared with anyone?


What are the system specifications recommended for using InnerHour services?
Can I access InnerHour from my mobile/ tablet?
Is there a mobile app for InnerHour?
How do I begin using online therapy on InnerHour?
Are these sessions timed? If I want to extend my session, can I do that?

Payment, Cancellation and Refund

What is the fee for therapy?
What are the payment methods accepted by InnerHour?
Is the payment gateway secure?
Can I pay for multiple sessions at a time?
Can I reschedule a confirmed session?
Am I eligible for a refund if I cancel the session?
Can the InnerHour therapist cancel my session? What is my recourse in such a case?
If the session gets interrupted, what is my recourse?


What information do you collect from me?
What do you do with my information?
Can I use the services anonymously?
Are the sessions recorded? Is any of my session-related information preserved?


How can an employer collaborate with InnerHour?
How can an employer track the progress of their employees? What is an Employer Insights Dashboard?
When can the employer expect to start seeing results?
How does the billing process work?


How much time does it take for InnerHour to onboard?
How is the programme implementation carried out?
Whom should the employer contact in case of any difficulty?