Find calm amidst the chaos

with our COVID-19: Self-Care Guide

The world is in a difficult place.

The current health crisis is changing the way we're living our lives. Several parts of the world are in a state of lockdown. Most of us are working from home, looking after our kids full-time, and are socially isolated. Things aren't the same anymore.

How are you impacted?

It's not just our physical health that's at risk. The current pandemic has given rise to a number of mental & behavioural health concerns that can be hard to deal with...

Stress and anxiety

Adapting to big changes in life is never easy, so it's natural to experience stress. Not knowing what the future will bring can also cause anxiety.

Loneliness and isolation

Social distancing can trigger loneliness, which then makes it harder for us to cope with the situation. Prolonged loneliness can also lower our immunity.

Unhelpful coping behaviours

The volume of misinformation flying around can caused some of us to try unhelpful ways of coping - panic buying, hoarding or blaming others.

Anger and frustration

The restrictions that have been put on life can make this whole experience frustrating for us. We might also find ourselves getting angry more easily than before.

The COVID-19: Self-Care Guide

As we navigate through this difficult time, it's important to take time out for self-care and to prioritise our emotional needs. We've designed a special course - available to all for free - to help you do just this.

Be informed and aware

Get accurate information about latest behavioural strategies you can engage in to feel safe, and to protect yourself and your loved ones from danger.

Keep anxiety at bay

Get a better understanding of any anxiety you might be experiencing, and engage in simple strategies to feel a sense of calm.

Build hope & positivity

Even though the days seem dark and gloomy, our simple techniques will help you keep a positive attitude through this situation.

We’ll keep this course available for you until the health crisis dies down - which we hope is soon…

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Here’s what you will get…

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Guided relaxation exercises to help you feel calm and balanced amidst this chaos

A goal setting and tracking mechanism to help you cultivate healthy & happy habits

An intelligent chatbot to talk to when things pile up and you need immediate support

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