Diagnose Your Needs

We offer different diagnostic tools to assess your organisation's emotional health.


Periodic Psychological Surveys

Our proprietary survey tools have been especially designed to assess various factors linked to emotional wellness at an organisational level, such as stress, resilience, and more.


Our surveys are based on latest research, scientific principles, and validated psychological assessments.


The employer can view aggregate data segregated by relevant parameters (such as team) to identify areas of concern.

Outcome Oriented

We also link emotional health data to key business metrics like revenue, absenteeism, and turnover.


Ongoing Employee Evaluation

Our unique diagnostic product entails weekly mood check-ins and periodic evaluations assessing emotional health factors. This way, we obtain rich data from employees over a period of time.


We assess different factors based on an employee's length of service to capture stage-specific insights.


For each stage, the employer can choose the most relevant factors to assess in the organisation.


We deliver these assessments through our chatbot for easy access, humanised delivery and higher completion rates.

Develop a Customised Action Plan

We actively collaborate with the employer to build an action plan consisting of self-help tools, therapist access, and group-level workshops.


InnerHour App

Our digital self-help tool empowers employees with skill-based activities to overcome emotional difficulties.

Get a taste of our activities by trying a guided relaxation audio.

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Professional Support

Employees can access individual therapy either online - via call, chat or video on the InnerHour app - or in person, at our clinics across 60 cities in the country.

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Workshops and Webinars

Using insights from diagnostics, we identify organisational needs that can be targeted through workshops and webinars.

  1. Our trained therapists can deliver these skill-building workshops in person for specific groups of employees.
  2. To reach a larger audience, we also conduct online webinars on topics that are relevant for the whole organisation.

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Get Continued Support and Customisation

We also offer a range of services customised to your needs in order to maximise participation in the programme.


Engagement Channels

We conduct on-site events to spread awareness about the programme and to talk to employees so we can better understand their concerns.

We also provide physical collateral (such as posters) and digital communication (monthly newsletters, emailers, etc) to keep employees engaged with our programme.


Inclusive, Convenient Support

The offerings of the programme can also be extended to family members of employees in the organisation.

InnerHour offers 24*7 support and assistance to all members of the programme - the employer, the employees, and family members.


Feedback and Reports

We collect feedback from employees about the organisation and the programme.

We also send out a monthly report to the employer with vital data and statistics regarding engagement with the programme.

The Employer Dashboard

Our proprietary Employer Dashboard is a one-stop platform that gives the employer a quick overview of the programme.


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