Why I Wanted To Jump: Let’s talk about Postpartum Depression

by InnerHour on Mon, 10 Apr 2017

Two years ago, Lisa Abramson was overwhelmed by a rare variation of a very common condition. After the birth of her daughter Lucy, she suffered such severe Postpartum Depression and psychosis that she truly believed her child was better off without her. As a direct result, she made her way down to Golden Gate Bridge to take her life. Timely intervention and careful treatment meant Lisa overcame her illness. But today, she speaks out in support of all the women who didn't get the same help. Watch her tell her story here:

Despite being one of the most common complications from childbirth, only 15% of women suffering from Postpartum Depression ever report it and get help. The reason could be the ambiguity and stigma around the subject. Mothers often doubt themselves and blame their own parenting skills or personal deficiencies. That's why Abramson says, "This is not a 'mom' issue. This is an everybody issue." When we start reaching out to new mothers and really listening to their concerns, that's when we can finally make a change. 

If you feel that you or anyone near to you is suffering from Postpartum Depression, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. An InnerHour therapist will be able to help you.


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