8 Family Resolutions for the New Year

by InnerHour on Sun, 01 Jan 2017

The New Year is here, and it’s full of hope and promise. This is going to be your year. You’re going to lose weight, get a raise, ace that test, climb a mountain--the possibilities are endless. But how about this year we expand our horizons a little and take on resolutions for the whole family instead? Working together on a resolution not only means more fun, it also means you have the support of those around you, which increases your chances of hanging on and seeing it through. Here are a few ideas you can try:

Start a New Tradition

It could be anything from a monthly movie night to visiting the ancestral home in the  summer. If your family is spread out across the globe, you could start a weekly newsletter chain. New families can start taking an annual portrait that’ll make for a great way to watch yourselves grow over the years. A game night is a great idea for families of all ages and sizes, even if you can only have it once or twice a year. It’ll give you a chance to bond and enjoy yourselves together.

Show Love Whenever You Can

It’s a fast-paced world, and sometimes we don’t get time to squeeze in more than a quick ‘good morning’ and a peck on the cheek before we dash off to work. If these little moments are all you have, make them count. Take a few seconds for a warm hug, or find a way to show your loved ones you appreciate them . It’ll start your day off on a great note and make them feel special.

Volunteer as a Family

Remind yourselves to be grateful for what you have by looking out for the lesser fortunate. It’s a great learning opportunity for the children  and a nice way to get the whole family to feel good together. It’s also a great way  to enshrine the values you’d like to see your children grow up with, and help them imbibe them through experience.

Have More Family Dinners 

This may seem like an obvious suggestion and also an impossible one for some families. It’s hard to match schedules and even weekly dinners can be a hassle to arrange. Try to keep in mind though, that research has shown many benefits to finding a little time to spend together every evening and unwind.

Exercise Together

If a daily run or an hour on the treadmill is not possible, at least take an occasional outing that involves some legwork. Take a weekend hike and reward yourselves with a picnic. Take the kids down to play and join the game instead of standing on the lines with the other parents. The adrenaline rush you get from the work-out will fuel the feel good factor in you  and also strengthen your bond. 

Practise Healthy Conflict Resolution

In every family, the constant closeness often gives rise to conflict. Though conflict might seem to distance you from one another, healthy resolution of conflict can actually bring you closer together. This year, promise to find new ways to resolve disagreements. Instead of nagging, explain to your children why you want things done a certain way. Teach them to express their feelings verbally, rather than placing blame. 

Make Kindness Resolutions

Spreading kindness makes you feel good yourself. Start a gratitude jar, and put in any notes or letters you receive from loved ones, write down nice things that happen to you and then read them all at the end of the year to realize how much of an impact you actually have in the world. Compliment the first three people you see each day. Write out a thank you note each week to someone who touched your heart. Carry a pack of sticky notes around and leave sweet messages for your loved ones. Drop a note into a lunch box or send a text to remind your spouse you’re thinking of them at work. There’s always time to spread the love. 

If you feel you would like to talk about your family and relationships, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. An InnerHour therapist will be able to help you.


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