Organisational Productivity and Employee Wellness - What’s the Connect?

by InnerHour on Tue, 19 Dec 2017

What Research Says


The facts are in - your employee’s mental health is impacting their performance at work.


Mental health difficulties are the most important health-related reason responsible for lost organisational productivity, and the second most important reason for absenteeism from work.


This translates to an estimated $225.8 billion cost to employers per annum. When considering presenteeism - employees working while mentally unwell - the cost to employers owing to productivity loss is $1600 per person per year.


The bottom line is - good psychological health of an organisation’s employees is critical for the success of employees and the organisation.


The impact of mental health on employee productivity is indirect and often hidden - making it difficult for employers to recognise the need for interventions that are targeted towards improving employee wellness - and ultimately boost organisational productivity.


So Now You Know, What’s Next? - InnerHour’s Happiness Solution


InnerHour’s Employee Happiness Programme has been designed to identify and address psychological concerns amongst your employees. As part of this programme, employees take in-depth surveys assessing different aspects of their emotional functioning. Employees also get access to the InnerHour Happiness App, a self-help tool that allows them to work on specific areas of concern and develop skills for a healthier, happier and more productive life.


Of course, such a programme can only say to be effective if it leads to real change - change that can be seen and measured. In order to help you assess the success of the programme, you get access to the Employer Dashboard - your one-stop platform to know all you need to know about your employees’ well-being and productivity.


This means that, as employers, you can now uncover mental health data pertinent to your organisation and get live access to how such wellness data correlates with important performance indicators. Data generated from both - the assessments and employees’ interactions with the app - is reflected in the Dashboard.  


InnerHour’s Happiness and Stress Indices


While employees get a detailed report based on the responses they provide to our surveys, the employer gets a bird’s eye view through the Happiness and Stress Indices, that consolidate the results generated across all employees who have taken the assessments. These indices indicate the extent to which employees in your organisation are happy or stressed, and also serve as important indicators of change and progress as employees engage with the Happiness Programme.


Your Company’s Top 3 Concerns


Are your employees extremely stressed, or are they primarily struggling with depression? Should you start working towards their overall levels of happiness?


In order to help you prioritise wellbeing concerns, the Dashboard allows you to identify the three conditions that are most frequently experienced by your employees.


Such data helps us to further customise and specialise intervention programmes, so we can conduct workshops on these areas and connect employees to domain-specialist experts.


Employee Engagement


Change and success necessitate persistent work and continuous engagement - the same is true for the Employee Happiness Programme as well. But how do you know that your employees are actually utilising the programme that you have invested in? Our Employee Engagement metrics give you live access to a number of registered users on the app, a number of active users (i.e. those who are regularly using the app), as well as a number of users who have been connecting with our therapists.


Our app also assesses employee perceptions of the company. Employees are asked to rate the likelihood of recommending their company, as a place of employment, to their friends and family. Results act as an indicator of satisfaction with one’s employer and serve as a starting point for discussions on how to improve workplace culture.


Other Metrics/Demographic Data & Employee Wellbeing


Does your organisation have multiple branches spread across vast geographies? The Dashboard will give you a location-wise breakup of the data, allowing you to determine if employees in a particular location are more stressed than those in others.


Want to know how other organisational metrics correlate with employee well-being? The Employer Dashboard will do that for you. Put in relevant data - for instance, employee gender or organisational level - and your Dashboard will reflect how this parameter is related to employee well-being.


The Employer Dashboard, therefore, empowers you with valuable information about your employees and your business and enables you to make smart decisions for improving organisational health and productivity.

Your organisation’s success is in your hands - take action today. In order to know more about the Employee Happiness Programme, get in touch with us via or +91 9167771131.


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