Wellness Indicators for Employee Happiness

by InnerHour on Mon, 09 Oct 2017

The InnerHour Happiness App is designed to help your employees on their journey to happiness. In order to provide you with measurable outcomes, our Employer Dashboard captures insights from employees’ interactions with the app. These insights give you valuable knowledge of both your employees and your business. InnerHour’s Wellness Indicators are explained below. 

The Happiness and Stress Indices

A bird’s eye view. As employees track their progress with our wellness programmes, you can assess their progress by viewing their Happiness and Stress levels.  

Your Company’s Top 3 Concerns

The Employer Dashboard gives you access to the top 3 concerns your company’s employees might be facing. 

From poor sleep to high-stress levels, being aware of the issues that your employees grapple with can help us collaboratively design further, targeted interventions that might include offline programmes such as workshops and sessions with experts. 

Employee Engagement 

Employers who invest in a programme would naturally expect that employees engage with the same on a regular basis. Our Employee Engagement metrics allow you to view the following:

  • Employees who have created an account on the InnerHour Happiness App. 
  • Active users on the platform, i.e., those who are setting and tracking goals, completing their daily tasks and making progress on their journey.
  • Users who have begun taking sessions with our expert guides.

Our app also assesses employee perceptions of the company. Employees are asked to rate the likelihood of recommending their company, as a place of employment, to their friends and family. Results act as an indicator of satisfaction with one’s employer and serve as a starting point for discussions on how to improve workplace culture. 

Location Wise Breakup 

Multiple branches, multiple locations? Our Wellness Indicators also shows your concerns across different locations. Identify pain points in specific locations and then outline objectives of a more intensive wellness programme accordingly. 


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