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About Us

InnerHour is an online platform for emotional and psychological well-being. Our mission is to empower people to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Founded by Dr. Amit Malik and Dr. Shefali Batra, Psychiatrists with decades of combined clinical and healthcare management experience, InnerHour aims is to empower you with skills & techniques to enhance your overall psychological wellness & productivity, enabling you to lead a happier & more fulfilling life.

We provide comprehensive counselling and therapy that is easily accessible anytime and anywhere. We have extensive experience studying the human mind, which enables us to understand the complex interactions between thought, emotion and behaviour and to provide timely psychological interventions.

Using our expertise and networks, we attract, select from, train and supervise the best and most qualified therapists to deliver superior outcomes for our clients. Our team consists of expert psychologists, cutting-edge software developers & highly experienced healthcare management professionals.

Why InnerHour ©


Highly qualified therapists, supervised
and managed by a very experienced
professional team.


Our therapists are accessible 24X7, receptive and willing to adapt the approach that best suits a client's specific needs.


We use processes and protocols to
ensure standardisation of the quality of
client experience.

Our Team

Dr. Amit Malik

Dr. Shefali Batra

Chaithanya Padi

Ashish Sangle

Suchitra Banerjee

Sweta Bothra

Pratishtha Trivedi Mirza